The Charisma Masterclass

Helping you reach the top, and stay there

Some people have natural charisma in the bucket loads – think of Baroness Thatcher, Dr Martin Luther King, Steve Jobs. And yet, Steve Jobs changed over the years, gaining confidence and poise, which begs the question – did he get coaching? And if he did, good for him! Look at how successful he was.

There tends to be five characteristics that give individuals that ‘star quality’, helping them to stand out from the crowd and be recognised as charismatic leaders:

  • Energy: charismatic people exude positive energy that inspires all around them, and they know how to feed and nourish their internal energy levels.
  • Emotion: they have a sensory awareness that taps into both their own feelings and those around them. Generally uninhibited in showing emotions, they are expressive and compelling.
  • Driving force: their strong values help to drive and motivate behaviours, creating their outwardly dynamic and enthusiastic persona.
  • High self-esteem: comfortable in their own skin, they are authentic, confident, relaxed, and true to self.
  • Visionary: their visions of the future create a strong energy of intent, which in turn results in their visions being realised. Science has proven that positive attitudes and strong intentions result in successful goal achievements.

Richard Reid’s Charisma Masterclass teaches skills and techniques that will help you to get the best out of every interaction.

You will be coached in specific core skills, such as:

  • Pure confidence: manage your thoughts and feelings to confidently tackle any situation.
  • Skilful communication and conversation: portray the right messages, engage people and create results through charisma in the spoken word.
  • Body language: learn how to adapt your own body language to be fuelled with charisma, exposing the right signs.
  • Behaviours: build knowledge and understanding of what needs to alter to be totally approachable and trusted, creating the best first impression.
  • Self-belief and personal empowerment: develop the personal mindset to be authentic and memorable in your interactions with others, giving you that charismatic edge at all times.
  • Mindfulness: be all there, all the time – in the here and now.

These skills will provide the following outcomes:

  • You will feel strong and enthusiastic inside, when it counts.
  • You will influence with ease and gain commitment.
  • Your personal and professional reputation will increase.
  • You will feel at the top of your game.
  • You can unleash the inner, authentic you.
  • Your happiness will be enhanced.
  • You will plan and reach your personal goals.

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17 May 2017


9 Sep 2017


23 Nov 2017

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